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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boscolieeva's Productions

boscolieeva's production

Hello Everyone!!
I've always been writing fan-fictions. And I have written three so far. Well one is complete but the other two, I'm still working on it. Well over the years, I haven't touch it cause, I was busy, no time, lazy, etc. And also Winglin was being a meanie. So I never updated again. I felt really bad just leaving it in the middle of nowhere, so I decided one day, why not finish the stories. 
So I am back with writing fanfics again!! Hope, I'll get all of your supports and feel free to give me any advices, details, infos, suggestions. Anything you guys want. 
Just pop it in to the cbox. =) 
Click on the link below the banner and exchange links with me!!

foreverloveTVB is launching a new site just for fanfic writing. There I will be writing all my productions. And since on winglin I'm already known as Boscolieeva. Why not just use the same name again. lol. 
All the stories written on that site are all boscolieeva's productions. Please respect everything on that site and I hope I can get many supports from all of you. 
Boscolieeva's Productions was opened on February 16th 2011. 

Here are my three productions so far... 
Winter Love - on going
I will be Waiting - on going

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