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Monday, January 31, 2011

News Update: Artistes Pregnancy...?

Kelly Chen pregnant again...?
This time with twins!
 At a Disneyland promotional event earlier, Kelly Chen Wai Lam announced that she was three months pregnant with twins!  Kelly revealed that her second pregnancy was achieved through in vitro fertilization. As Kelly will soon turn thirty-nine, she admitted that she wanted to have her second child before turning forty-years old. Allegedly, it was easier for a woman to conceive the second time. However, that was not the case for Kelly and her doctor advised her to undergo in vitro fertilization.
Kelly became anxious after learning that she was carrying twins in her second pregnancy. When she was pregnant with her first son, her belly bulged forth as if it were to burst open. Since Kelly worked throughout her first pregnancy, will she be doing the same during her second pregnancy? Kelly said her work schedule will depend on the state of her pregnancy and size of her growing belly. Kelly did not know the sex of her babies yet, but hoped that she was carrying at least one girl     

Ada's Pregnant?
5 months..congrats!
 Heavily pregnant Ada Choi Siu Fun wore five inch high heels at a promotional event in Macau yesterday. Ada  persisted on refusing to disclose the sex of the baby and her due date. She noted that she will try to give birth naturally.
Ada admitted that she was suffering from ankylosis spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory arthritis which affects joints mainly in the spine. However, Ada felt that herpregnancy loosened her joints, thus she did not feel as much discomfort as most women did during pregnancy. Tabloids claimed that Ada had insomnia and extreme mood swings while pregnant. Ada said that she was affected by increased hormone levels, but noted that tabloids may have exaggerated her temperament. She has not suffered insomnia yet and slept frequently instead.
Aside from wearing high heels, Ada ’s dress revealed her sexy back. Ada laughed, “The most important thing is to look good. At least my figure is not lost yet!”

Eileen Yeow is Pregnant? 
3 months!! congrats!
Former Miss Chinese International participant, Eileen Yeow Ying Ying recently announced on her blog that she was three months pregnant! Currently filming Show Me the Happy <依家有喜>, Eileen will film Producer Tsui Yu On’s new sitcom and play the role of a pregnant woman.
On her blog, Eileen wrote, “Thanks to my friends’ and fans’ blessings! Thank you everyone! I want to share with you that I received a very precious gift in 2011: I am going to become a mother! I am very happy and hope that my friends will share their experiences and advice with me.”  Eileen’s good friends Eddie Kwan Lai Kit, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, and many others sent their blessings.
Eileen has a steady boyfriend whom she has been dating for eight years. Eileen was very happy about her pregnancy. Since becoming with child, she only vomited in the middle of the night and the nausea has been manageable. Did Eileen have any intentions to get married soon? Noting that the baby’s health was the foremost priority, Eileen said that she did not have any marriage plans yet.

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Thoughts: Congrats to all these Artistes for being pregnant!! Aside from the one I listed above, there are more artistes that are pregnant too!! Congrats to them too!! Hmm... many rabbit babies I see. ;]

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