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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Every Move You Make review

Series: Every Move You Make
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Bowie Lam, Krystal Tin, Bosco Wong, Aimee Chan
Producer: Tsui Yu On
Thoughts: Well first, I thought the series was okay. Well I enjoy watching a detective/crime/suspense series. I think its just really cool with all the action and everything. But really becoming a CID? Its.. okay, I'll pass. Lol. I actually grew to enjoy this series. Maybe because I haven't watch much modern series. But overall I thought the series was quite relaxing and funny at times. There is stupid parts and funny parts. Ahaha.. But one thing really caught me into watching it was Loretta and Lai Lok Yi. They were SO Adorable and Cute. I couldn't stop keeping my eyes off of them. They were Just SO cute!!! 

Loretta and Lok Yi - Favorite couple of the show. They really did developed chemistry together. And I was surprise, its Loretta first series and she got a lot of screen time. I thought she did okay, well since its her first series. Shouldn't be too harsh on her right? Through out the series, Bowie used a lot of girls/boys example on them. I found it funny and cute. Like in episode 5/6, Bowie ask Bosco if Loretta ever flipped her hair at you. And Bosco was like And Lok Yi was like yes, seen it all the time. Bowie explained and those two got embarrassed. And in the elevator, Loretta went to Lok Yi, instead of Bowie, Bosco, or Krystal. Because she is felt more comfortable with Lok Yi. There were many examples through out..ahaha. But I liked the flipping hair the best xD. 

For some reason, I find Aimee more likable and less annoying in here. Then her previous roles and series. She improved? ahhah. 

Well over all, I find the series nice and gentle. Even though its a crime series. I really enjoyed it and it was relaxing for me? Lol.  
Go ahead and try it, if you have time. ;] 

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