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Monday, March 14, 2011

February/March Artists of the Month

Hey guys, sorry for the late Artists of the month post. I had actually forgot about and I've been busy/lazy updating. Sorry for the lack of updates and definitely I'll try to update more now. Also thanks for the Support in my new blog. ---> boscolieeva's productions. It really mean a lot; spread that around and link me. ^^  Thank you and I love you all!! =D

I kinda didn't really know who to choose for February's/March's Artist of the Month. So, I ended up choosing my all time favorite IDOL in the whole wide world... Bernice Liu!! I don't care about how many news and rumors she has now, I will STILL Support HER forever!!!

Bernice Liu was born on January 6th, 1979. She has two siblings, where Bernice is the Middle Child. Bernice joint Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant due to encouragement/recommendation from friends and that her Major at that time required her to be bilingual. To her surprise, she was the one who won the crown that night. She then attend Miss Chinese International Pageant  representing Vancouver. Bernice once again took home the crown. First she was going to turn down her contract with TVB, but due to supports and encouragement from families and friends she decided to sign with TVB.

Today Bernice is one of TVB Fadans and high pay actress. To get to this point, Bernice never give up and she worked her best to achieve what she is today. Bernice filmed over 20 series with TVB and 8 movies. Bernice also sung over 11 songs. Bernice is thinking about releasing an album and sign into the music industry. I personally doesn't like when artistes sign into the music industry, but no matter what, I'll always support them! So if Bernice ever release her album, I'll definitely buy it. =) Bernice was then cast into her first role in 2001 right after she enter TVB. Her role as Princess Sam-Tin in the Sitcom Virtues of Harmony led to her recognizance. The role eventually gave her the nickname "Princess" among friends, fans, and the media.  Bernice was then cast into many other series,  and continued to work hard and finally achieve to be what she is today. During her two pageants, Bernice had won both the MCI and Miss Vancouver crown. Other than those titles, Bernice had also toke home the Miss Photogenic and Miss Cosmopolitan and Miss Talents awards. Past these years, Bernice has received over 24 awards. In 2007, Bernice was hot favorite to win the Most Improve Actress award hosted by TVB. But Bernice lost the award to Niki Chow.

Even though, there is rumors and news about her right now. I don't really care about those rumors, cause I know its not real. The only way these news are real to me is if the Artistes confirm it themselves. Otherwise they are fake. It doesn't apply only to Bernice but to All Artistes. I don't believe in these Media people. They just need to get something in on time before they get fired so they make things up. =] Well anyways, aside from all these rumors, Bernice still do what shes suppose to do and achieve the best of herself. And I will Always Love HER!! =)

I want to meet her one day! ;)

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