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Saturday, March 19, 2011

News update: Leila Tong gave birth!!

Leila Tong Ning gave birth to a 7.7 pound baby boy via Caesarean section the day before. As a first time mother, Leila shared the good news on her blog and thanked everyone for their blessings! Due to her Caesarean section, Leila could not leave her bed yet. However, she felt very excited and wanted her son to grow up healthy and happy.

As to whether she will breastfeed her son, Leila will consult with her doctor first. Stressing that she will bear full responsibilities as a mother, Leila will not think about immediate weight loss. She will wait until after her first month of postpartum recovery.

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Thoughts: Aww congrats to Leila and her husband!! The baby boy is so cute and innocent. =) Especially Leila's face, look at her happiness. I can't wait till they announce his name! 

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