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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gloves Come Off - overview...

 Series: Gloves Come Off
Eps: 25
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu
Producer: Marco Law Wing Yin
Scriptwriters: Guan Chung Ling

Truthfully, I really didn't know that this series was even filmed. I did know that TVB had mentioned it but I didn't bring that into my attention. When trailers came out I still didn't find it that interesting and entertaining. Maybe it was because boxing doesn't appeal to me at all?  I did watch the series though and the reason why because I'm curious again. I am curious to see how Selena and Kevin pair will come out. And also because this is actually my first series watching Selena being the leading female. I still found it boring but it wasn't as bad as I had thought it was.

Yes, there are scenes that were unexpected to me. Yes, the series had became messy and gone downhill. Yes, there are characters and plots that were so unnecessary. But, it wasn't that bad?

Truthfully, why did Edwin appear in the series? Why did he need to appear, I mean like why can't it just be a simple love story with Selena and Kevin? I didn't think Selena would actually marry Edwin. I thought she would say, "I'm sorry, I can't marry you." But no she married him. Selena and Kevin had went through so much and each time there were many obstacles.

Raymond character, Bat Di, was a very immature in the beginning but had change to a mature guy. Yes, he is annoying at points but I am happy that he didn't turn bad and had come back and apologies his wrong doings. Natalie had became very mature after she had given birth and started to enjoy her character. But, it had given me a surprise. Power was really unreasonable and it frustrates me each time he appears. He doesn't understand what he had done wrong and believe he was right the whole time. Out of no where he started to hate Kevin and said that everyone hates him. He was really frustrating and I really want to destroy him. And another add in of Katy. Where did she come from? Why did she even appear in the series? What was her point of the series? Basically, she was another frustrating to watch and she just appear and destroy happy families.

First came Edwin and Selena's marriage, I seriously don't know what's the point of that. Next came Power becoming greedy and annoying. Then, came along Katy, destroying happy families. Stealing people husbands. Finally came with Selena's illness? I don't know where that came from. Selena started to have Alzheimer and she couldn't remember anything. I was very disappointed with the ending and felt like I had wasted the series. I spend my time watching it was the hope of their chemistry and ending. But, we got nothing. They went through so much and didn't even end together.

Another thing was the ending of Natalie. It was really unexpected for me and I couldn't believe Power was the one who had killed her. Yes, it wasn't intentionally but he still did killed her. But, overall I did find the series alright. It wasn't that bad even though it had become really really messy.

Yes and No. If you have time of course watch it. But, it wasn't a series that you'll have to watch. It is an easy skip and nothing will effect you. 

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