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Sunday, May 27, 2012

News Update: Sonija Kwok's 6lbs 1oz baby girl is Born!!

On May 22nd, Sonija Kwok gave birth to a 6 pound, 1 ounce baby girl. She was born two weeks earlier than the expected due date, both mother and daughter are healthy. It turns out both mother and daughter are born on the same day! Sonija's birthday is on July 22nd, while her daughter's birthday is May 22nd. The baby girl looks just as pretty as her mother, especially when she smiles. Sonija's husband Zhu Shaojie accompanied his wife into the delivery room and was responsible for cutting his daughter's umbilical cord. The new parents were both overjoyed to tears.

When asked if her husband feared cutting the umbilical cord? She laughed: "He was pretending to be strong, but later he told me it felt like his heart jumped out. I was under anesthesia and didn't know what was going on." Asked who the 'little angel' looks more like? Sonija excitedly said: "She has her dad's eyes, other features like the nose, mouth, hands and feet looks just like me. (Then she has a little western look?) I'm 1/4 mixed too, so I think she is a little!"

Sonjia expressed she is already discharged from the hospital and is resting at home, the wound is still giving her some pain. Regarding to her daughter's name, it is still in consideration. Sonija thanks the media for the concern and blessings.

On Weibo, Sonija's husband posted a sweet message: "Thank you Sonija, my dearest wife. You gave birth to a cute baby for me."

Blessings From Good Friends in Showbiz

Shirley Yeung attended an event and reveals she's actively earning extra income now. She also congraduated Sonija for giving birth to a cute daughter and will exchange baby caring tips in the future. When asked if she envies Sonija and her family? Shirley said awkwardly: "Having a baby is a big event in life. For a smooth process through pregnancy to labor, it is already very happy." Also, Kawaii commented on Shirley's personal life on a program, but Shirley expressed she's not worried of Kawaii revealing anything: "I never talked to her in private. Audience can decide themselves how creditble it is. I cannot control what other says nor will I try to prove anything because I already explained everything before."

Louis Koo: "Really? (What kind of gift?) See what she needs first, then I'll ask someone to buy it for her. She had a baby that fast, didn't she just get married?"

Sharon Chan: "I saw the pictures of the baby, very active and cute. She looks a lot like her dad. (What are you giving her?) Let me call her and ask what she needs first. I want to give an useful gift and must wish her to have more children!"

Janet Chow: "I miss her a lot too, I know she had a daughter. I am very happy for her. The baby will definitely be as beautiful as her mother. (Are you desperate to have one of your own?) Yes! I hope to have a child too, but probably won't make it in time for this year."

Steven Ma: "From what I know, we cannot visit newborns yet. Wait until I get back to HK in July, her daughter will be 1 month old, perfect! (What kind of gift?) I still owe her a wedding gift. This time, the gift to the baby girl should be gold accessories."

Roger Kwok & Leila Tong fights to be Sonija's in-laws

Roger Kwok: "She told me already. Aside from sending my blessings to her, I also told her she will slowly realize the difficulty of being a mother. I saw the pictures of her baby girl, and my son is 4 years old now, perfect for us to be in-laws! When she recovers, my family and I will be visiting them."

Leila Tong: "She told me the good news, I'll visit her later. We can be in-laws, introduce my son to her daughter. We've shared baby caring tips with each other before, I don't think she's a nervous mother!"

Other good friends from the industry like Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi and Mimi Lo also congratulated Sonija on Weibo.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
Thoughts: Congrats to Sonija and her husband!! The baby girl is so adorable and pretty!! Just as pretty like her mother =] the next Miss Hong Kong ;] Lol...Louis comment is kinda funny.."didn't she just got marry?" lol. 

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