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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey guys, I am actually debating if forverloveTVB should officially go on hiatus or not. I've been thinking about it for weeks now and finally I decided. I'm sorry guys, foreverloveTVB has to go on hiatus. My schedule is getting crazier and crazier now and I simply do not have time to update anymore. I can really break down any minute and its getting really stressful for me. I am also transferring to another University and waiting for  the acceptance letter is really stressing me out and very nervous.

I don't know how long it will be on hiatus for but I hope it won't be long. The winter holidays is coming around the corner and I hope I will be back then. Once in awhile I'll pop up and reply to your messages on the c-box. 

I have mention that I wanted to do a 'foreverloveTVB Awards'. I still want to do that but it will have to be postpone till whenever I get back and after I watch the Awards Ceremony. I know that the Anniversary Celebration show and the Awards is airing soon, but I do not have time to watch that. I'll watch all the series that I had put hold on and all the remaining ones for TVB2012 then I'll work on the 'foreverloveTVB Awards'. I have so much posts plan for my return so stick around. ;] 

Don't forget about us!! We will be back because its not time for foreverloveTVB to say goodbye to the TVB Online World yet! We still have many years to come and lots of posts to share! ^^ 

We will be back soon~ 
p.s. If I'm not back by the Christmas Holidays/Winter Holidays then...
foreverloveTVB wishes you and your family a Wonderful and Prosperous Holidays in advance. ^^


miriamfanz said...

be back soon! :)

bycrystal said...

awww man! im gonna miss yr reviews and stuff

foreverlovetvb said...

@miriamfanz: I just replied to your c-box hahaha... I will ;]

@Pang Minn Crystal: Thank you =] and I hope I'll be back soon ><

Happy holidays =]

Lynne said...

Come back soon okies? Will miss talking to you! ><