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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Season of Love

Title: Season of Love
Previous Title: Seasonal Love
Chinese Title:  戀愛季節 (Luen Oi Guai Jit)
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Toby Leung, Oscar Leung, Vincent Wong, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 2/11/2012-3/8/2013
Genre: Modern/Romance
Producer:  Kwan Wing Chung
Theme: Little Something () Mag Lam
Although individuals in love seldom coincide with each other in terms of happiness, anger, sorrow or joy, they still comply with the laws of nature, reflecting the dynamic phenomena of the four seasons’ climate and temperature.

Spring: By chance, LAM CHUN-FUN (Toby Leung) becomes an assistant/driver for the most sought-after actor SZE SUN (Him Law). Thinking that he is just like those playboys featured in the gossip magazines, she gradually comes to realize his true personality after the two spent some time together. The two fall in love with each other during filming, but CHUN-FUN discovers it is merely pre-arranged by the talent manager. The belated first love is ended before it can even begin.

Summer: HA CHI-YAN (Kate Tsui), the most bankable TV producer, has drawn criticism from the social activists after making a female-oriented programme. Seeking to uphold her reputation, she is assigned as the leading role of a new dating game show. During the show, she re-encounters her long-lost old flame NG TSUN-KAI (Ron Ng) and attempts to wreak vengeance on him. Unexpectedly, their hearts have yearned to be together as her wedding day is around the corner.

Autumn: In spite of working in the same building, Hairstylist HO TSAU-SANG (Nancy Wu) let the opportunity of meeting Barrister FUNG SAU-MAN (Vincent Wong) escape owing to a minor incident. Out of despair, she blindly agrees to marry her co-worker FONG KA-WAI (Oscar Leung), following which are the constant disputes over chores and KA-WAI’s suspected extramarital affair. Alternating to a parallel universe, TSAU-SANG is the one to have the serendipitous encounter with SAU-MAN. Having gone through two entirely different life paths, she ends up feeling merely grief and regret.

Winter: Private detective CHU CHO-AN (Kenneth Ma) is entrusted by his client YIU TUNG-NEI (Myolie Wu) to trace the history of a decade-old receipt, during which, CHO-AN learns about some flashback segments in TUNG-NEI’s memory of being with another male. According to his investigation, TUNG-NEI has suffered a serious injury, and her memory loss might be romance related. While CHO-AN is striving to help TUNG-NEI restore her memory, unexpectedly, he also joyfully re-links his family.

synopsis credited to K for TVB

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