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Monday, July 29, 2013

Thoughts So Far... [Triumph in the Sky II]

I want to make a quick thoughts on Triumph in the Sky II. I had watch the prequel, Triumph in the Sky I back when it was release, but at that time I was so young and didn't know what was going on. I watched it for entertainment and mostly because my family were sitting around the TV and watching it, I thought why don't I join them. But of course I remember, Issac, Roy, and Francis! The three pilots that made a return for the sequel. I'm pretty upset that the other cast can't make a return, but oh wells.. we should see what the sequel have install for us.

One reason why I wanted to watch this is because of Myolie and Ron's pairing. I haven't seen them paired for awhile now and I do miss them as a pair. I don't even remember when was the last time I saw them as pairs. And of course another reason was because my three Hot Cuties are starring the show!! Kenneth, Ron and Chilam!! Ughh.. aren't they such cute and handsome guys!! LOL. And of course, you can't forget about Francis, but that wasn't what I was REALLY looking for... LOL!! (It was mostly for Kenneth, Ron, and Chilam...haha)

Truthfully, I'm not really that fond of the role Fala is playing. I was really hoping that Flora or other fadans will be back for that spot. And I was thinking that Fala will play a different role, well I guess her same character, but not that exact spot. Am I making any sense? I was thinking that Fala should be paired with Kenneth instead.. (I think this is what I was trying to say? I'm not sure myself. LOL) But I guess we should watch on and see what is installed. I really do like her eyeliner look in the beginning episodes. Hahaha. Also the scene where Fala broke down and cried because she found out that her boyfriend was going to propose to her, but he never showed up. That scene was really emotional, I understand that people said that she was crying with no tears, but I thought that she did put a lot of emotion and feelings at that part. It moved me and I cried.

I also want to watch this for Chilam and Myolie sibling relationship. I can see that Chilam really cares for her sister and even moved into that small little room thing..haha. He would do anything for her and Loved her dearly. He got really upset when he found out that Myolie gave all his present to her away. And the scene where he got locked outside and ended up at the police station. Myolie went to bail him out and outside of the police station, Chilam yelled that he is her brother not some other person. I wonder what happen that made Myolie mad at him for so long? Hahaha.. its funny how others thought that they used to date and Myolie's team are jealous of Chilam. Hmm.. excited for them to make up! Chilam is one big brother that will protect his sister!

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