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Monday, July 29, 2013

foreverloveTVB is on Hiatus

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to say that I'm on Hiatus again! I wrote this post five days earlier and when this post goes up; I'll be up in the air on my way to Hong Kong!! (This post is already set to be posted on this day. It's good that we can do this. LOL) Yes, guys, I'm GOING TO HONG KONG for Three Weeks and I hope I'll see some Artistes when I'm there!! (finger I'm so excited to go to Hong Kong and I really hope that I'll see some artists there! And If I do, I'll definitely tweet about it! Follow my twitter if you haven't already! 

I'll be leaving Monday, July 29th and I am absolutely excited!!! Another reason why I am on Hiatus again is because by the time I get back to the US, school starts already. Therefore, I won't have time to blog :[ sorry guys! I transfer to a new university and I want to focus completely this year with my school work. This university has a really amazing science program, it is known for its science and I am majoring in Biology and onto the Pre-med track. Although, this isn't an Ivy League University, its a local/state university that is an hour away from me, but it is one of its best local/state university in the country. The science program is extremely hard to get into and I am happy that I got accept into it! If you guys remember back in my other posts, I had mention that I am transferring university, yes this is the university I am transferring to! And since I am in, I want to do as well as I can and graduate on the Dean's List. And hopefully from there I can go off to Medical School. I really hope I can become a doctor, this is what I am aiming for (even though, I secretly do wish to become an TVB actress LOL and definitely my biggest Dream is to become Miss Hong Kong, but I got to wake up..haha. LOL.) therefore, I hope I can pass my Mcats (medical school entry exam) and get into a medical school and make my family proud! 

One thing I am totally afraid of is to disappoint my parents and family members. They put so much hope in me and gave me all their support! I really hope I do not fail them! I've been slacking in the past and I really need to get myself together and focus on my school work. I can't slack and play around anymore! Everything is getting serious now and I really don't want to regret later in the future! I hope you guys will understand and do remember us! I will definitely be back probably around winter break/Christmas vacation. And of course, I'll try to sneak in TVB dramas here and there, but I won't be making any post! If I do have a particular series I want to talk about, I'll definitely post about them during the break and of course I'll work on my "foreverloveTVB's Award" too! Yes, you all can still find me on twitter and can still chat with me on my chatbox or twitter. I'll be twitting here and there! And to tell you now, I'll be definitely be watching "The Hippocratic Crush II" and "Always and Ever" so wait for me on Twitter..hahaha. =P

Okay everyone, I love you all and wish you all the best in everything you guys are doing! Remember, don't ever give up and work towards your goal! Do It Now or You'll Regret Later! I also hope everyone the best and good luck to you all!! <3 p="">
P.S. and if I do not come back by Christmas vacation; I want to wish all of you a Very Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Wish you and your family the very best, health, and happiness!! 

and remember us.. don't forget about us!! Hahaha... XD


Lynne said...

Aw sad to hear that you're on hiatus....but CONGRATS for getting into the university you wanted!!!!!!!!!!! Work hard and good luck! You'll do great :D

btw have fun in HK!!!! So jealous :P hehe message us on twitter if you run into an artiste! *-*

Rachel said...

awww i'm going to miss your posts while you're gone, but school definitely comes first! i admire your dedication and commitment to it and wish you all the best. i'm starting grad school too so i hope i can be like you and focus hard on my studies

ditto with what lynne said, show us some pics if you see any tvb artists!!

foreverlovetvb said...

Aww thank you guys for your supports!! I'll give you guys my support too!! Good Luck in school and I know that you guys will do great!! Work Hard now and Play later!! Don't ever regret in the future with what you can have done today!

And Rachel, good luck in Grad school!! You'll surely do great!! :]

Hong Kong was so much fun! I wanna go back >< but the sad thing is that I didn't get to see any artists! =[ they were hiding from