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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thoughts So Far... [Come Home Love]

I want to make a quick thoughts and comment on Come Home Love. I've been keeping up with the sitcom ever since it was released back in 2012. But through out the sitcom I've gotten busy and totally stop watching it. Spring Break 2013, my sister recommended me this sitcom and I remembered that I stop between so I decided to pick it up again.

What I have to say about this sitcom is that it is definitely one of my favorite sitcom. Come Home Love bring us lots of warmth and happiness and I love every part of it. The Ma family bought us that homey and warmth feeling, even at the Law Office of Mr. Cha (Geoffery Wong Chi Hung). I really like how this sitcom bring us a lot of warmth and family love that other series doesn't really portray. This is one thing I really like about this sitcom and it is why I've been keeping up with it. Another reason is because I have grown to love and felt a bond with the actors. I felt like I'm part of the Ma Family and I felt the love they share with each other.

One particular reason why I'm definitely have been chasing this sitcom ever since it released were because the pairing between John Ma (Lai Lok Yi) and Alex Wan (Queenie Chu). For over a year, a year and a half or was it two years (since its already 2014) I was waiting for these two couple to happen. I was waiting for them to start and I was talking to the screen for the past two year "when are they going to start? Why are you guys dragging out these two couple? We all know that they are a pairing. Why aren't they together already?" I was waiting for so long and the main reason why I stayed with the sitcom. Then Finally, on episode 440 the two finally got together. I waited till 440 episodes for them to get together! FOUR HUNDRED FORTY FOUR EPISODESS!!! It was definitely long overdue and at that time TVB had extended to 500 episodes and I was upset about it because John and Alex finally got together and its about to end. But then I just found out it had been extended to 700 episodes! WHOA.. why did it extended to that much? From 180 to 500 to 700, but eh I don't care as long as we get more John and Alex.

Basically, what I'm trying to say that I read a rumor somewhere that they are writing Alex off the sitcom. I am definitely frustrated about this! I've been chasing this sitcom from day 1, from episode 1 to 561 and you guys are telling me Alex is being written off! What?! THEY BETTER NOT BREAK THE COUPLE!! I will be SOOO upset if they do and no matter how much I love the Ma Family, I will completely stop watching it. I can't bear to see them writing Alex off because I've been waiting for over two years for them to get together!! And I'm sure all the Alex and John fans are feeling the same. I waited till episode 440 for them! The poster clearly state that Alex and John are a couple! But yea, I will definitely stop watching if its true!

Anyways, this sitcom kinda remind me of Kindred Spirit. Guessing because of the long episodes and also the family love and warmth. Okay well yea that's it for now. It's getting long, I will have a continue part. 


Anonymous said...

EK: I will stop watching too once if the relationship between John and Alex is over. Feel so stupid if the writer really write off their love story. Make me really mad, wasting 2 years following their story for nothing.

foreverlovetvb said...

YES!! I KNOW!! I'm definitely Going to stop watching if they really write it off! Because I felt like there is no reason left to continue watching it! I've been chasing their relationship for two years and if really did happen I'm gonna be so mad!

foreverlovetvb said...
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